Discord Url Shortener

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So, you've decided you want to shorten your Discord server url?
That's amazing!
For the betterment of all people's is a good philosophy to have.

So how you do you get your link?

Feel free to request your link by joining our discord server
Click here to join.

Send us an email to
[email protected]

Please include the following information:
1) Your Server Link (set to never expire)
2) Your Desired Dus.im Link
3) Your Server Name
4) Your Server Description
5) The Logo you wish to have for the link preview (.jpg, .png or .gif)
6) Your Discord tag (incase you need to be contacted)

Dus.im is free to use, but if you want something special, get in touch.
We'll set up your link before payment, and make sure you like it before asking for any monies.

Dus.im is not affiliated with Discord.
Dus.im is a project of love and vanity.
Dus.im cannot guarantee higher user join rates.
Dus.im is a good service.
Dus.im's concept, creation, ownership and everything is from @HoZKiNZ#1346