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Welcome to Dus.im

You may at this point be wondering where you are.
This is the Homepage for the Dus.im Project.

Dus.im aims to solve the problem of failing to easily remember and share the link to your Discord server.

When you create a Discord server, you are randomly allocated a string of garbled characters,
so as to distinguish your server from another, ensuring no two servers share the same link.

However, requesting a link using Dus.im allows you to set your own URL, with a nice, memorable, short, and choosable link.
Unlike some other custom link generators,
*this does not require a bot to be active on your server.*
If you need a way to share your link to your Discord server in an easy, memorable way, Dus.im is perfect for you.

Dus.im is also free to use! Read the info at
and secure your links today!

The process for securing your link is a manual one. When you request your URL using the link above,
it is manually entered into the URL-shortening database.

There is no automation involved.

This ensures that real requests from real people and communities are served with priority over some person, group, or bot,
who could possibly hijack desirable links away from those whom would get a better experience with those links.
If automation were to occur, it may become the possibility that this service may become misused or derelict.
It's really simple to get your custom Discord URL, so please don't let the fact that interaction is a necessity in using this service deter you.

Once again, this is free.

Your server will not be spied on. No messages will be intercepted. No cookies will be collected.
Dus.im will have no prescence on your server apart from having it redirect people to your server.
Thanks for reading.

Please share if you think this would be good for a friend, family member, or community you are a part of.

Dus.im is not affiliated with Discord.
Dus.im is a project of love and vanity.
Dus.im cannot guarantee higher user join rates.
Dus.im is a good service.
Dus.im's concept, creation, ownership and everything is from @HoZKiNZ#1346