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You have questions.

Why is it called an FAQ?

No one has asked any questions yet, so the F is completely fictional at the moment. Maybe it can stand for Funnily Answered Questions instead?

You have adverts on these pages. Are there any adverts on shortened urls?

No. The dus.im link will immediately redirect to the Discord server you provide. It will also create an "In-Discord" preview of the invite link you use.

Why do you use 'We' when only one person operates this service?

It sounds better. Plus, if anyone does get roped into helping me, it makes for an easier transition with less information to edit. It also sounds good... I think.

How do you do that backwards b?


Why are some servers available with only...
I like to help the community in all the servers I choose to communicate in. As such, I have generated some 'Premium' links for my friends and cohorts.
Play Monogolf.

How did you come up with the idea for this service?

I was awake late one night and considering a good deed I had done for a server known as Red Panda Tea Club, where I shortened their server link to a specific url just for them. I was contemplating a notion...
Why only make 1 link for a specific server when you can provide the service to everyone?
I knew I had to secure a nice short name for people to desire. I thought DUS was good enough. This was then coupled with a few minutes of domain searching.
I was shocked when I discovered I could get dus.im. No one had taken it. Happy is too weak a word.
A Discord Url Shortener service with a .im tld?
That goes together like pie and chips, surely. Yoga Fire! ;)

Can I help the project?

Sure! Donations are always welcome, Fresh ideas too! Just contact me using any of the provided methods.

Dus.im is not affiliated with Discord.
Dus.im is a project of love and vanity.
Dus.im cannot guarantee higher user join rates.
Dus.im is a good service.
Dus.im's concept, creation, ownership and everything is from @HoZKiNZ#1346